Marketing & Advertising for small businesses in Cape Town

It’s crucial that every penny you spend on your advertising helps to promote your business and gives you the edge over your competition.



A good marketing strategy helps you target your products to the people most likely to buy them. Therefore, getting to know your customers is the most important stage of the marketing process.

We identify your audience, look at where they are most likely to spend their time online, and then build a presence in those areas. Our strategy is designed to maximise your online potential. With the use of creative campaigns, promotions, or online contests, we create a buzz around your business which in turn gives you exciting new leads and exposure to potential customers across South Africa.

Creative Advertising

Everyday people in Cape Town are bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages and they tend to take less and less notice. It takes something special to stand out. Great advertising requires creativity, a clear message, a definitive call to action, or whatever it takes to make your advert stand out.

Whether its a flyer design, an advertisement in the local paper, or even a website design, we make sure your message is clear and appeal to exactly the people you are trying to sell to.

Marketing materials are a highly effective way to promote your business to your customers.

These are some of the marketing materials we have to offer.

greeting cards


business cards

Social Media
Online Advertising
Content Marketing
Directory Optimisation

If you’re another ambitious startup business in South Africa, then you should speak to us.

The Western Cape is home to the most startups in South Africa, although not many are successful. Most startups fail due to a lack of funding and proper marketing.

We founded Designs Squared to bring affordable branding and advertising to small businesses in South Africa. Our experience will bring value to your business at a much more reasonable rate than a traditional agency.

The most affordable and professional design in Cape Town.

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